Ligurian Paradise

Liguria is a rather large province in Northern Italy, defined by the long and diverse Ligurian Riviera Coast which reaches from La Spezia in the south to Genova in the north and on to the western border to France. Dolcedo is located in the western part between Genova and Nizza, a few km inland from the connected towns of Porto Maurizio and Oneglia which form the city of Imperia. Dolcedo is surrounded by olive hills which deliver the famous small, dark and incredibly tasty olive Taggiasche, and of course the native oil from those little black gems. True Italian culture, food and landscape are  amazing, so along with your yoga outfits, make sure you also bring your hiking shoes, bicycles and a big smile will keep you going while you discover...


There will always be another summer...

...and we will always practice yoga  šŸ™
But not always in a beautiful spot like we find it in the old olive mill Molino PinciĆ²n in Dolcedo, a small village just off the Riviera coast between Genova and Nizza.

With this blog you'll get introduced to a one-week-long Iyengar hatha yoga workshop at Molino PinciĆ²n in Dolcedo/Liguria with yoga teachers Pragya Bhatt from Bangalore in India and Susanne Mayer from Stuttgart/Germany.

Each morning between 9h and 12h we will practice yoga in active and playful ways and along carefully planned sequences to enhance body-consciousness. On three afternoons during that week we will also offer 2 hourse of restorative yoga, stretching, pranayama and meditation.

This blog is created in Germany but will be written in English because our main guest teacher and blog contributor Pragya doesn't speak German. The yoga classes will be bilingual.

The place we chose is very special as the old buildings of the former olive mill have been restored and designed in a way you won't find anywhere else, and one of the owners is a dedicated Iyengar yoga teacher, so there is a beautiful yoga hall which offers everything we need to practice –  mats, blocks, belts, bolsters, walls with ropes, backbenders, an equally well designed treasle and more.

The location of this mill next to the river "Prino" which comes from way up the mountain and rolls gently along the mill, offers beautiful little spots for a dip if the temperatures outside get too hot.

The Riviera beaches are in reach – either by car, by public transport or by bike which can be brought along or rented in Port Maurizio, the beach town just 7 km away.

Stay tuned and catch more detailed information as it will follow – and don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any.