...had to be cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstances

We plan for September 2023 - stay tuned!

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See you in 2023!



A week full of joy





Yes, we did it! And what a week it was...

Each morning we hit the mat for daily practise to start into blue-sky-summer days, however some of us even before practise went for a dip into the creek – a definite wake-up ritual 😀  10 individuals - most of them had been  strangers in the beginning - turned into an amazing community, preparing yummy food together, enjoying beach afternoons, creek dives, conversations over cappuccini, went for lovely locations with food and music – it was all there for us happy, lucky yogis.

What is it that a yoga retreat does to us? 

It creates an unquestionable community of like-mindedness, friendlyness, helpfulness and space to be. On the mat, at the beach, during hikes through the hills, at breakfast and dinner... this quiet, peaceful and at the same time so very alive state of utter satisfaction could be felt in each of us. What a gift...

A big fat THANK YOU to all who were there to share this experience with us and who contributed each single day to make it special. THANK YOU, Pragya, for preparing a lively session start via zoom each morning from far away Bangalore. Next year, we hope you will be there with us. And then we shall deepen the image of the "Tree of Yoga" in our practise and in reflections on the yoga path as described by BKS Iyengar. There's so much more than what can be touched during one week only.

See you all next year - the 2022 dates will be September 17-24, hoping by then to have overcome Covid. Stay tuned!







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your happy yoga teachers – Susanne & Pragya

We'll be back in Dolcedo in 2021!!!

The COVID19 issue has been the game changer of the year 2020. But as 2021 has grown into European summer and the vaccination process is increasing, we carry high hopes that things will change for the better – for everyone in this whole wide world.

Our wonderful Liguria retreat in 2020 had to be cancelled last year, but we will be back in 2021. Once again we plan to offer 2-3 hours of daily yoga practice in the yoga shala at Molino Pinción over 6 consecutive days – from Saturday to Saturday. 

We'll be there in late summer which is always a warm and welcoming season in Italy.

>>> September 18-25 <<<   

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Too bad - June 2020 didn't happen... postponing to late September 2020 had to be cancelled, too.

We are very sorry!

My dear fellow teacher Pragya Bhatt from Bangalore/India and the yoga students she wanted bring to Liguria still can't travel anywhere at this time. India is still suffering hard from Covid-19 – people aren't allowed to travel out of India.

So - we all hope for this new year 2021, a new start into a life we don't know anything about yet...

But yes - there is hope!!! And it's still some time before the European summer begins. 

We start planning now and will soon be able to give you information about time and content. 

The place remains the same: Molino Pinciòn in the province of Imperia.

We wish you all the very, very best – stay healthy and happy!
Keep up your yoga practise – it greatly supports the immune system.

Namasté   🙏 Susanne & Pragya 🙏


YogaLiguria2019 - Review


We made it!
Six intensive days of Iyengar Hatha Yoga at Molino Pinciòn in Dolcedo/Liguria ended today. Time flew, we flew along, immersing ourselves, progressing, daring, trusting...

...working up to asanas we never thought we'd ever be trying, followed by relaxing and restorative asanas. Pranayama practice added glimpses into a state of meditation... sweating through dynamic  asana practice, achieving a little more conscious body-mind-connection, gaining balance and strength.

Pragya Bhatt from Bangalore and Susanne Mayer from Stuttgart are very grateful for the happy outcome of their first yoga retreat adventure with this great group of German, Italian and Indian yogis. It was a great experience on how strangers can grow into an intercultural community.


We will be back and would be happy to take YOU along next year!
Start making plans and a valuable decision now! Exact timing will be defined soon...

Contact for detailed information and pricing:

We look forward to hear from you!
Pragya and Susanne

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We're getting closer now...

Two more weeks until we'll be in our yoga practice week in Dolcedo/Liguria.
Travel preparations are getting started...
The participating yogis from around Stuttgart will meet next weekend at the yogawest studio to discuss questions and find answers to whatever might still be unknown.
We'll also arrange our car sharing then, decide who will ride with whom, and when exactly we'll start the trip there and how things will work when we arrive...
It's exciting and we'll make sure we'll post some cool pictures from the venue for all those who couldn't make it this time around. Stay tuned...


Your body exists in the past and your mind in the future.
In yoga they come together in the present.

Looking forward to sharing and enjoying the practice with other devotees.
Contact us for more details.


Whew! It's MARCH 2019 – only 3 more months until we're at our Yoga retreat in Liguria!
Make up your minds, set the dates into your calendars and REGISTER NOW!
You'll return refreshed, fulfilled and motivated with loads of energy to dive back into your work processes! It will be a wonderful week for all of us! 


Why Retreat?

The key to excellence is practicing repeatedly. In the ideal world we would all have an hour and a half every morning to devote to our asana practice. We would have eaten light dinners the night before, gotten the necessary hours of sleep, have the energy and the inspiration to practice the same asanas for the millionth time. But every yoga practitioner knows that there are more bad than good asana practice days. And that's the method of any spiritual practice. Will you commit with no hopes of a return on commitment? 

Every year Iyengar practitioners from around the world make their way to Pune, India to immerse themselves in the practice. Every year I await eagerly for the 4 weeks where I will be able to 'retreat' from the rigors of my regular life and give undivided attention to my practice. I usually have a reading list, I introspect through journaling and blogging, and I learn from the experiences of other yogis.

Retreating is an important part of a spiritual practice. It is to introspect as much as it is to delve deeper into the practice of your choice. A learning curve happens after every retreat. I have experienced the greatest growth after every retreat and workshop I've attended.

Teaching a retreat is as exciting for the teachers as it is for the students. When the idea of this retreat was a mere spark of an idea, we wondered what we could do to make this retreat unique, fun and helpful for those giving us the privilege of teaching them. We came up with a rough outline of a schedule. We started to think of how we could bring life and relevance to the teachings and the days slowly took shape. Involved as we are in our own practices, the results of a collaboration between Suzanne and I will distinctive.

Our mornings will be spent studying the asanas, in which we will also discuss the Indian/Hindu mythology pertaining to yoga. Our evening sessions will be about winding down the mind and body. There will be walks through the town, swims in the creeks. Conversations over shared dinners and the occasional glass of wine!

It will be a special time for all of us, made more special by those who give us the opportunity to guide them. We hope you can make yourselves available from the 1st-8th of June to join us in Liguria, Italy for a retreat to remember. 

Write in to susanne.mayer@yogawest.de or pragya.bhatt@gmail.com for more details.


Teaching Yoga at Molino Pinciòn...

We have the very special pleasure to enjoy several Iyengar teachers on location and one of us will join us from India for the first time: Pragya Bhatt is a busy yoga teacher from Bangalore – if you want to find out more about her, go to her website: yogawithpragya.com   She's an avid practitioner, documenting her daily practice and progress on instagram #yogawithpragya and giving yoga classes on her youtube channel "yoga with pragya". She gets interviewed on yoga and general health issues on the radio and in social media and publishes her work in print. Her first book on yoga asana practice and the philosophy behind it will be published this summer by Penguin. She inspires people all over India and around the world. Her first personal appearance in Europe this year with us during the workshop in Dolcedo/Italy

Susanne Mayer is your other teacher. She will be organising the workshop and you can direct all your questions to her: sunneye@gmail.com 
She has been practising yoga for a very long time, and finally found the Iyengar method to be the most efficient and clearest, and therefore the most supportive and healing kind of Hatha Yoga. The precision in the asana practice and the attention on alignment are amazing tools to go forward and deepen the experience.

Susanne is a certified Intermediate 2 Iyengar Yoga teacher and after retiring recently from her duties as a university professor she is now free to intensify her yoga activities. This workshop is one of her first projects in this context.
Pragya and Susanne met during their month-long practice time in the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune/India and got along really well. It was great to hang out there with an inspiring international crowd. As Pragya speaks some of the many languages used in India plus her English is excellent, it was especially wonderful to have her with us and to explore places in Pune with her. In the end Susanne and Pragya even shared the ordeal of suffering from Dengue fever, so they have a few things in common... ;-)
They stayed in contact with the vision in mind to organize a retreat with a group of Yoga fellows, and the chosen place turns out to be Italia. A wonderful place to start this new adventure... 

We look forward to having you with us for this yoga week, which is going to be fun and deep at the same time, as it will strengthen our bodies and help body and mind gain and maintain a good balance. As there might be international participants – and, of course, the only language Pragya doesn't know is German, we'll keep this blog in English and hope that's ok for you. 
>> The yoga classes will be bilingual.


...feel like an enjoyable Yoga retreat in Italy?

We’ll be staying near Dolcedo (a village in the Ligurian olive hills 8 km from Imperia) at a very special place in the well designed apartments with double rooms and equally well equipped kitchens and bathrooms of “Molino Pinciòn”, an ancient oil mill, which also offers an excellent yoga hall for practice.

Iyengar Style Hatha Yoga Workshop (3 - 5 hrs/day) with:

Pragya Bhatt – Bangalore/India (SVYASA certified, intensive Iyengar practitioner) www.yogawithpragya.com

Susanne Mayer – Yoga-West Stuttgart/Germany (certified Iyengar Yoga teacher) www.yogawest.de