YogaLiguria2019 - Review


We made it!
Six intensive days of Iyengar Hatha Yoga at Molino Pinciòn in Dolcedo/Liguria ended today. Time flew, we flew along, immersing ourselves, progressing, daring, trusting...

...working up to asanas we never thought we'd ever be trying, followed by relaxing and restorative asanas. Pranayama practice added glimpses into a state of meditation... sweating through dynamic  asana practice, achieving a little more conscious body-mind-connection, gaining balance and strength.

Pragya Bhatt from Bangalore and Susanne Mayer from Stuttgart are very grateful for the happy outcome of their first yoga retreat adventure with this great group of German, Italian and Indian yogis. It was a great experience on how strangers can grow into an intercultural community.


We will be back and would be happy to take YOU along next year!
Start making plans and a valuable decision now! Exact timing will be defined soon...

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We look forward to hear from you!
Pragya and Susanne

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  1. Okay, you all: I am following Rainer Kampes example and try to be a soldier like him. I have a cold, throat is hurting a little, nose is running a lot. I am going to ignore that and do two more days of Yoga on my own: "bring the left leg back, bring the right leg back, knees, breast, chin on the mat, upward dog, downward dog, bring the left leg forward..."

    1. Thanks for your review – which sounds like a suffering soldier's effort to stay up while going down in spite of the wonderful condition and mood we gained by our daily yoga practice in Ligura. Hoep the sore throat will leave you soon... as it did leave brave Rainer. Gute Besserung!

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