YOGA LIGURIA: 26/09 - 03/10/2020

your happy yoga teachers – Susanne & Pragya
We'll be back in Dolcedo in 2020!!!
Just with a little delay...
Of course everyone knows: the COVID19 issue has been and still is
the game changer of the year 2020, and noone knows where we are going from here.

All we know is that instead of canceling this year's Liguria retreat,
we have been able to postpone our special week to the end of September:
Our new date at Molino Pinción is  
>> Saturday, September 26th to Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 <<

We will be offering 3-5 hours of daily yoga practice in the Molino Pinción yoga shala
...until we depart on October 3rd.

Are you still with us? Or did you just now find us?
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  1. Yoga is one of the most amazing tools for both mental and physical wellness, so it’s no wonder more than 2 billion people practice it worldwide. A yoga practice is something depressed poses

  2. Hello Hasnain, thank you for your comment. Yes, aren't we all - more or less consciously - looking for a closer connection bewteen our bodies and our mental state of being? Yoga is the path for many and it is wonderful - especially in times as these now... Namasté